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The Hemp Garden CBD Bath Bomb Earth 50mg CBD

Here at The Hemp Garden, we offer customers a wide range of different CBD products, including a selection of toiletries infused with CBD. Our range mainly consists of luxurious CBD bath bombs, as well as some CBD bath salts. A large part CBD oil usage is the fact that its properties can help you to relax, so it makes perfect sense to combine it with the ritual of having a nice, long, hot bath. Read on to find out which product is perfect for you.

Connect with The Earth

Our ‘Earth’ inspired CBD bath bomb looks like a miniature globe, as you unwrap the green tissue paper and discover a swirl of greens and blues along with natural, earthly elements. Infused with 50mg of CBD, it also contains patchouli, lemongrass and bergamot essential oils for the ultimate relaxation. Patchouli can be good for the skin, colds and help lift mood, and help with stress and anxiety. Lemongrass has similar properties, as well as helping with digestive issues and high blood pressure. Bergamot is thought to be naturally antiseptic also.

Walk Through the Forest

Our ‘Forest’ CBD bath bomb allow you to walk through the woods without leaving your home. Purple tissue paper uncovers a purple and white bath bomb, inspired by the Welsh countryside, also containing juniper berry and cedarwood essential oils. Juniper berry oils can function as antioxidants and reduce inflammation, whilst cedarwood oils also offer natural anti-inflammatory properties, along with antimicrobial properties.

Relax and Unwind

Packed with essential oils to get you to relax and unwind, as well as the standard 50mg of CBD oil, our ‘Relax’ bath bomb contains lavender, ylang ylang and cedarwood essential oils. The use of lavender is well-known to relax and help with insomnia, aiding the user’s sleep as it helps your mind and body unwind. Ylang ylang can also boost your mood and stimulate oil production.

Relieve Any Tension

Our green ‘Relieve’ CBD bath bomb is also infused with eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint essential oils. Eucalyptus can help unclog your airways, which is why it’s often used for decongestion products. Take deep breaths as you enjoy your warm bath, and notice how clear your airways feel. Peppermint oils are known to help with digestive issues as well as a number of other problems.

Smell The Flowers

Containing 100mg of CBD, our CBD bath salts come as beautiful turquoise crystals, which can be scattered in your bath, spread between one and three soaks. Also fragranced with lavender and ylang ylang essential oils, you can repeatedly indulge in this relaxing experience with just a few shakes of the jar.

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