Why CBD Beverages Are Hot Stuff Right Now


The days are getting shorter and darker by the week, those aches and pains that you waved goodbye to in Spring are starting to come back, warm drinks are becoming even more of a staple in your life and those seasonal blues are starting to settle in… Sound familiar?

Well if so, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to read on!

What is a CBD Beverage?

Quite simply, a CBD beverage is a drink that either has CBD physically added to it, usually in the form of an isolate, has been infused with CBD in the creation process or, in the case of some teas and coffees, contains some form of hemp in the brewing process itself.

Not all CBD Beverages are Created Equal

CBD beverages, as we’ve mentioned, exist in all shapes and sizes but it’s important to understand the different types of drinks that are out there so you can find the perfect beverage for you. For example, canned or bottled CBD beverages are gaining a lot of traction right now, especially among those who are inexperienced or new to the CBD scene. The problem is, many of these canned or bottled CBD drinks contain a negligible amount of CBD, especially if you have been using CBD for some time, we’ve seen some with as little as 2mg of CBD per serving! 

Now, that may be fine if it’s your very first time and you are just dipping your toes (not literally) into CBD products. However, if like many of us, you’ve been using CBD for some time, you’ll be needing a whole lot of canned or bottled drinks to hit your CBD target for the day, as well as trips to the loo! 

This brings us to our next gripe with many pre-made CBD beverages; the price. Now, you’d think for a drink that contains around 2-5mg of CBD, that you’ll be paying a fairly modest price. Yet we’ve seen iced CBD coffees, carbonated CBD drinks and even CBD infused juices priced upwards of £6-£7 – for a single bottle or can! So not only are many CBD beverages entirely unsustainable if you’re wanting to incorporate them into your daily routine, due to their low CBD content, but they’re also largely unsustainable due to their inflated price as well!

The Benefits of CBD Beverages

So what CBD beverages do we recommend then? Well, as mum used to say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. In other words, we think the best CBD beverages are those that you make yourself. Well, with a little help from us and our Water Soluble CBD, Hemp Coffee and Hemp Tea Bags!

What makes our Water Soluble CBD, Hemp Coffee and Hemp Tea Bags so great is that you’re the one in control when making them. Fancy a stronger dose of CBD? Well no problem, simply add an extra squirt of CBD, let your coffee/tea infuse for longer or use more coffee/tea in the brewing process.

Not only that, but our Water Soluble CBD and CBD beverages won’t break the bank. Starting at just £0.90 a spray for our Water Soluble CBD or roughly £0.50 a serving for our Hemp Coffee or Hemp Tea, you can get around 8-14 servings for the price of a single serving of a premade CBD beverage and at a much stronger dose as well!

What’s more though, is that you know exactly where your CBD is coming from. All of our Water Soluble CBD and hemp beverages are organic, third party tested and checked for quality before they make it to your cup. No exceptions. 

We find that our range of Water Soluble CBD, Hemp Coffee and Hemp Teas provide a long-lasting, clear and natural energy that is perfect for those early mornings when you need a little helping hand waking up. Yet simultaneously, due to the hemp and CBD content, we find that those occasional jitters or difficulty getting to sleep, if perhaps you’ve over indulged, are also greatly diminished, if either of those are something you find yourself suffering from with regular teas and coffees. 

So this Autumn and Winter, ditch the pumpkin spiced lattes and reach for our line of Water Soluble CBD and CBD-infused beverages instead. We’ve gone ahead and included our recommended brewing methods for both drinks below, along with a rough guideline on how to incorporate our Water Soluble CBD into your drinks, but feel free to customise and make your drink your own!

For a perfect CBD infused drink using our Water Soluble CBD;

1 – Remove the cap and shake well

2 – Either spray one squirt into your drink of choice and mix well, or alternatively spray one squirt directly under your tongue

3 – Each squirt has approximately 8mg of CBD, so take that into account when factoring in your desired amount of CBD

4 –  Relax & Enjoy

For a perfect relaxing cup of Hemp tea;

1 – Add one tea bag per cup to just boiled water.

2 – Brew for 3-4 minutes.

3 – Serve with a dash of milk to taste.

4 – Relax & Enjoy

For a perfect relaxing cup of Hemp Coffee;

1 – Add the desired amount (we would say 2 teaspoons per cup) of Hemp Coffee to a cafetiere or filter machine and add hot water.

2 – Brew for 3-4 minutes.

3 – Serve with a dash of milk to taste.

4 – Relax & Enjoy


To discover more about CBD beverages, including our very own range, please get in touch with us by completing our online contact form, or by emailing us at contact@thehempgarden.net. You can also follow us on social media over on Instagram or Facebook and contact us there. You can also call us on either +44 (0) 1267 468 210 or +44 (0) 1269 613026 to speak to a member of the team directly.

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