Vegan CBD Capsules: Effective CBD When On-the-go

Vegan CBD Capsules or CBD oil?

CBD capsules are growing in popularity for their ease, effectiveness, consistency and convenience but why not just opt for CBD oil itself? Whilst our CBD tinctures remain at the core of our range at The Hemp Garden, CBD capsules can be a great addition or alternative for many individuals for reasons that we’ll jump right into in this very blog! After all, there’s a reason why we call them our real life “chill pills”.



First and foremost, are Vegan CBD capsules effective? The short answer is… yes! Our Capsules contain the same high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil found in all of our tinctures so you’ll never have to worry about subpar capsules again. What’s more, unlike many other brands our there, ours are specifically formulated so that they dissolve in your intestinal tract, as opposed to your stomach, for maximum absorption.

That means no CBD is going to be wasted in your stomach and instead, your intestinal tract can absorb all of that natural goodness directly into your bloodstream, where the CBD can get to work!


Let’s face it, many CBD tinctures and oils aren’t what we call ‘tasty’. Now, while we pride ourselves on producing some of the most neutral, inoffensive yet natural tasting CBD oil on the market, many individuals would rather a tasteless, yet equally as effective, alternative.

The Hemp Garden 600mg CBD Capsules

That’s another area where our CBD Capsules shine! Simply take your desired amount of CBD capsules before your next meal (ideally 20 minutes before but we’ll forgive you if it’s not to the minute, don’t worry) when your digestive system is most active, allowing for maximum absorption. And that’s it! No taste, no mess, but all the same great benefits that you’ve come to expect from CBD oil.

Oh, and we should probably also mention that our entire range of CBD capsules, along with our entire CBD Food & Drink range might we add, are vegan-friendly so that everyone can enjoy our CBD capsules! 💚  

CBD Dosage Consistency

Now, if you’ve ever used CBD tinctures, using a dropper can sometimes be a bit tricky if you’re out and about, especially if you’re on a relatively low starting dose where one or two drops will do the trick. And trust us, we’ll be the first ones to admit, CBD products, especially if you’re buying from unreputable or exploitative businesses, can sometimes lean on the expensive side.

That’s why we love our Vegan CBD Capsules so much! Not only is it easy, discrete and super-fast to take your desired amount of CBD, wherever or whenever you are, but you know exactly how much you’re taking each and every time so no CBD is ever wasted, saving you time and money down the road.

For reference, our Vegan CBD Capsules come in 50 capsule packs, with each capsule containing either 12 or 24 milligrams of CBD.
So go on, why not try adding our Vegan CBD Capsules into your CBD routine and see why so many others are starting to swear by them…

Vegan CBD capsules

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