The Best CBD Gift Ideas This Christmas

It’s becoming socially acceptable to put up your tree and decorations, Michael Bublé has awoken from his 11-month hibernation and you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for the loved ones in your life… It’s Christmas time everyone!
In this blog, we go over some CBD gift ideas and inspiration for this Christmas, from our extensive range of carefully crafted CBD products, for those who are new to CBD, who are into beauty and skincare, on the sporty or active side, and even gift box ideas. So, forget the countless hours of online window shopping and read on to give the gift of CBD this Christmas.

Gift Ideas for those New to CBD

CBD Oils & CBD Tinctures – Come on, did you really think we were going to pick anything else for our go-to suggestion for those new to CBD? CBD oils and tinctures remain at the heart of The Hemp Garden CBD range and are perfect for newcomers to CBD for their versatility and ease of dosage. This is often something even more important when you consider newcomers to CBD typically start on smaller doses.

CBD Edibles and Beverages – Now, although we have a great blog on CBD beverages that can be found here , we think CBD edibles and beverages are such a great entry point into CBD that we’re mentioning it anyway! Many people are hesitant to start their CBD journey because of the negative and outdated stigma hemp has previously had attached to it. CBD edibles and beverages, as well as being incredibly yummy, often allow those new to CBD to see CBD for the natural wonder that it is. After all, who’s going to say no to CBD chocolate?

Gift Ideas for those Into Beauty & Skincare

CBD Face Cream and Moisturisers – Let’s face it (see what we did there), it’s getting colder and colder by the week and the Winter weather is, as we’re sure you know, notoriously harsh on our skin… So, why not combine the best nature and skincare has to offer with one of our CBD Face Creams or Moisturisers, so that your giftee can top up on their CBD as they repair, nourish and protect their skin at the same time!

CBD Lip Balm – Working to lock in moisture to help hydrate and rejuvenate sore or sensitive lips, our CBD Lip Balm is perfect for topping up those stockings or as a mini Secret Santa gift, and is designed to ward off dry and chapped lips. Our dark horse for this list and definitely a Winter must-have this year!

CBD Gift Ideas for those who are Active & Sporty

CBD Balm and Muscle Balms – What better way to show that super active or sporty someone in your life that you care and are interested in their hobbies (from a distance), than giving the gift of recovery! It’s no secret CBD is widely used in the sporting world to help deal with aches, pains,
inflammation and a whole host of other reasons as well. Our CBD Balm and Muscle Balm are designed to penetrate deep within the targeted area for fast and effective relief, all whilst being made from 100% natural and vegan-friendly ingredients.

CBD Capsules – What about supercharging your active/health-conscious friend or loved one’s supplement routine with our CBD Capsules? Formulated so that they dissolve optimally in your intestinal tract and not your stomach for maximum absorption, our CBD Capsules are, unlike
many CBD capsules, vegan-friendly, available in either 12mg or 24mg capsules and make the perfect no-mess, no-fuss addition to anyone’s supplement routine who may be looking to incorporate CBD into their life.

Gift Box Ideas for that Special Someone

We couldn’t wrap up a Christmas Gift Idea blog without mentioning our range of Special Offer CBD Gift Boxes . Not only are our gift boxes beautifully packaged in natural wooden boxes, they’re a great way to save money on larger purchases/gifts and with 4 different CBD gift boxes to choose from, there’s a gift box for everyone!
There you have it, our CBD Christmas rundown on the best gift ideas this festive season. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with love, laughter, lots of food and CBD.

From everyone here at The Hemp Garden, Merry Christmas!

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