3 New Year’s Resolutions That CBD Can Help With!

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The new year is upon us and whilst we’re not usually ones to jump on the whole “new year new me” movement, with the way 2020 has been, we’re just about ready for 2021 to take a massive u-turn and for 2020 to be set on fire and be buried deep, deep in our memories.

So, let’s head into the new year with positive vibes, smiles and the knowledge that this will be the year that we’ll smash any goals we set for ourselves, no matter what they are!

With that being said, here’s our rundown on 3 new year’s resolutions that CBD can help with and how you can get your 2021 off to a flying start.

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Helping to deal with stress and anxiety are some of the leading reasons why people both hear about and start using CBD, it’s no secret. With the way this last year has been for everyone, keeping on top of your stress and anxiety have never been more important.

So there’s no wonder why stress and anxiety management consistently tops lists for new year’s resolutions, this year perhaps more so than ever!

Whether you’re a chronic daytime worrier or are kept up at night with the stresses and anxiety from day-to-day life (more on when the best time to take CBD for you is here), you’re not alone in utilising the natural powers of CBD to help get on top of your mental health.

Whether it’s with drops, capsules, topicals or infused in a yummy beverage or snack, the effect of helping make mornings seem a bit less daunting, that social gathering suddenly seem totally not scary and allow for a more balanced and happier mood overall are things we hear week-in-week-out here at The Hemp Garden and are the primary reasons why stress and anxiety are number 1 on our list!

Staying Fit and Active

When someone says “new year’s resolution”, what do you think? Probably something along the lines of losing weight, getting active or toning up…. Mind readers, we know.

But again, 2020 has not been kind to those of us who may gain a little weight over the Winter months with lockdowns, gyms/sport facilities closing and many of us working from home!

CBD’s effectiveness when it comes to helping you stay fit and active relies on its ability to allow you to stay active and fit… Confused?

Well, chances are that if you’ve ever gone from 0-100 when it comes to going to the gym and getting fit, you’ve probably felt it in the morning, and for several mornings after if it’s been particularly long.

Combine that with many people wanting to increasingly workout more frequently and for longer periods of time, the increased risk of injury as a consequence, and CBD’s reputation for being a go-to post-workout fix for tackling aches and pains, and you can start to see why we’ve included it on our list… Oh and did you read the above points on using CBD with stress and anxiety-related new year’s resolutions? See you later stress-eating Saturdays (and Sundays).

Getting a Full Night’s Sleep

Struggling to not only get enough, but enough quality sleep, is something many of us fall victim to and, as we’re sure that you know, impacts a ton of other things such as mood, energy levels and countless other important functions in your body!

What’s more, having the ability to wind down and relax before your night’s sleep is closely linked to the quality and length of that sleep as well…

That’s why the capabilities of CBD, to help induce a natural calmness and feeling of relaxation, that we hear from our customers all the time, are so effective in allowing you to get more high-quality Zzzz.

And finally, unlike many sleep-aids, CBD won’t leave you feeling like you’re waking up from a late night out, all spaced out and groggy.

So, say goodnight to harsh and ineffective sleep remedies and say good morning to CBD to enjoy getting to sleep faster than you can say CBD-infused Horlicks…

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