How To Know Whether You’re Buying Quality CBD Oil?

Quality CBD Oil UK

Quality CBD Oil UK – How and Where to Buy

Whether you’re new to CBD yourself or have had to explain the importance of the reliability and quality of CBD Oil to others, being able to spot questionable CBD products and brands is a skill many CBD users have been forced to acquire through trial and error. 

So regardless if you’re here from failed attempts at trying to find quality CBD oil from Amazon, or if you’re simply after some more ways to ensure your CBD is all that it says it is, let’s break down how we guarantee that all of our CBD here at The Hemp Garden is of the highest quality.

Our secret? Well, it all starts with 3 little T’s…


Traceability is at the heart of The Hemp Garden and as a business, we strive to operate as transparently as possible, from the plant itself, to the moment it reaches your door! 

Traceable CBD Products UK

All of our lab reports for our quality CBD oil are available to download from our website at any time and all of our products have been tested, designed and manufactured to the very highest standards at GMP approved facilities, 90% of which right here in the U.K! 

And as always, our team of CBD experts are here to answer any questions you have 🙂


Making sure that your CBD is tested and has the relevant laboratory reports, to ensure that what is in the bottle matches what is promised, should be standard practice among all those who claim to offer quality CBD oil to their customers.   

We like to think of ourselves as a pretty laid back bunch of people, but when it comes to what’s in our CBD products, we’re sticklers for detail. Working closely with our lab testers, we truly are meticulous in what we do and do not allow in our CBD products.  Therefore ensuring our customers only have the highest quality CBD Oil & CBD Products.

Tested CBD Products

We do the hard work so you can enjoy your CBD with the peace of mind.
Simply head over to our CBD Lab Reports page to check out all of our quality CBD oil full reports whenever you wherever you want. Not only that, but we also update our lab reports regularly too!


As with any healthy relationship, trust is paramount. All of our products contain less than 0.2% THC and that’s our guarantee to you. 

But trust in the brand and business that you’ll be buying CBD from is equally important, especially if you’re going to be buying from them over a long period of time. 

Trusted 5 star reviews - quality cbd oil and products

Award Winning Quality CBD Oil

As an award winning CBD and Hemp brand that are proud members of the two leading trade associations in the UK: CannaPro & Cannabis Trades Association, we’re all too aware of the large number of unreputable and shady CBD companies that merely consider CBD as a lucrative venture, as opposed to the effective and powerful tool many have come to realise that it is.

That’s why we always recommend that you do your research when trying a new manufacturer of CBD! 

Using the tips we’ve described above, you should be able to better navigate the world of CBD and better find quality CBD that is traceable, tested and trusted!


To discover more about CBD and our CBD products, please get in touch with us by completing our online contact form, or by emailing us at You can also follow us on social media over on Instagram or Facebook and contact us there. You can also call us on either +44 (0) 1267 468 210 to speak to a member of the team directly but whilst lockdown still persists, its probably better to email 🙂

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