When is the Best Time to Take CBD?

When is the best time to take CBD

When to take CBD is a question we get asked a lot here at The Hemp Garden, so we thought what better way to clear up when the best time to take your CBD is than to write a whole blog post on it!

And the answer is… Well, it depends. That’s not us trying to be overly vague or sitting on the fence, it really does depend on what you are looking to get out of CBD, how much you take on a daily basis and the product that you’re using as well.

How Often Should I Take CBD?

Before we crack on with when you should use CBD, is there a minimum, maximum or specific number of times you should be taking CBD a day? Again, the short answer is no!
Besides remembering to take CBD, at some point, every day, the main thing that affects the frequency at which you should take CBD is the amount of CBD you have in a day. If you’re taking roughly 50mg of CBD a day, and for example you’re using our 12mg CBD Capsules, then you’d need around 4 a day to hit your CBD target. However, when you take those capsules matters considerably less than taking the right number of capsules!

CBD in the Evening

When to take CBD? The Hemp Garden

It’s no secret that many people take CBD to help them unwind after a long day and to help get more and better quality sleep. From helping you relax and stay stress-free after a busy day at work, or to help you fall into a deep, natural sleep, CBD’s calming effects help give CBD its reputation as a must-have natural sleep aid amongst us nocturnal folk. Not only that, but CBD can also affect different stages of sleep itself, such as REM (deep sleep), and help you maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

CBD During the Day

When to take CBD during the day

What about CBD in the morning though? Whether it’s to help take the edge off any anxiety or stress for the day ahead, ease any soreness or pains or to help recover from an early morning workout, CBD as a morning supplement is becoming a staple in more and more people’s lives. What’s more, you can combine our high-quality CBD with the cognitive effects of MCT oil in our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil in MCT Coconut Oil range to help keep you and your brain on your A game.

Final Verdict

Although we’ve gone over some of the reasons CBD shines at certain times of the day, the reality is that if you’ve been taking CBD for any reasonable amount of time, have built up even the smallest of tolerances or aren’t using it solely for a time-dependant reason, such as sleep, then you’ll most likely wanting to be taking CBD at least a couple of times throughout the day.

However, there are some products that can and should be taken at specific times, applying a CBD balm to the target area when you’ve got an ache or a pain for example. Yet those products are generally few and far between and the most important takeaway from this blog is to… Take your CBD whenever you want to take your CBD!

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