CBD and Pain Relief: Everything you Need to Know

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CBD and Pain Relief…It is believed that almost 25-30% of the British population are living with some form of chronic pain… 

And so it will come as no shock that people are increasingly turning to natural products, as opposed to harsh prescription medications, to combat their pain and live a regular life.

Whether it’s for nagging aches, recurring injuries or more serious chronic pain, the amount of research into CBD to help manage pain is testament to the interest that CBD has garnered over recent years. 

And whilst the long-term effects of CBD as a powerful source of pain relief are still being uncovered, CBD has become synonymous with being able to help deal with aches and pains for countless people across the country.

CBD & Pain; The New Kid on the Block

Although countless studies (such as that of the European Journal of Pain​ demonstrating that CBD can help reduce inflammation and pain from arthritis) are being published on a regular basis, CBD is still, when compared to other forms of pain relief, the new kid on the block.

CBD Balm for Pain Relief

This is incredibly exciting when you think about it…

New possibilities for CBD as a form of pain relief are being discovered all the time, and we’re far from having uncovered all of the potential ways CBD can help with pain.

So although for now, any hard-claims on CBD as an effective form of pain relief are restricted by its relatively young age, all of the hard research and personal accounts seem to be pointing in a very positive direction!

What’s the Best CBD Product for Pain?

So with that said, what is the best CBD product for pain? 

The most important factor in determining how effective your CBD will be, regardless of what type of product you use, is the strength of that CBD. How strong you will want your CBD will depend on the extent of the pain, along with whether you have any pre-existing tolerance to CBD.

Whilst this can vary from individual to individual, we always recommend starting with a more moderate dose, and increasing it until the desired effects are achieved. 

Now when it comes to what kind of CBD to take for pain relief, there isn’t necessarily a correct answer…

Many people choose CBD topicals for their ability to be applied directly to target areas but equally, a great deal of people take CBD for additional reasons, besides pain management alone, and so stick with a more on-the-go friendly form of CBD, such as CBD oils.

The truth is, there are no right or wrong answers. Whether it’s a topical, an oil or even an infused drink or treat, the most important thing is that you’re taking CBD and that it’s as painless as it can be to integrate it into your daily routine!

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