Sustainable CBD & Hemp? Are they Environmentally-friendly?

Sustainable CBD UK

Is CBD & Hemp Environmentally-friendly & Sustainable?

As CBD and Hemp Extracts are becoming increasingly popular, not only in the UK but across the world, it’s important to consider the effect that this is having, namely on Mother Nature herself and whether they are sustainable. After all, it’s her who we have to thank for the Hemp plant in the first place! 

Sustainable CBD UK

CBD’s Immediate Effect on the Environment

First thing’s first, CBD is extracted, as you probably know, from the hemp plant. Hemp grows at a much faster rate than many of the cannabaceae family of plants, to which hemp belongs to. This means that less space needs to be allotted to hemp farms as farmers can plant, grow and reap their plants far faster than similar crops which would need far more land to make up for the longer growing period.

What’s more, hemp requires very little, or even zero, use of pesticides. Add in the fact that hemp has an overall positive impact on the soil in which it is grown, as well as its ability to process carbon at a higher rate than most plants, it’s easy to see why many are advocating for hemp as a crop with an important part to play in the fight against climate change.

We have recently partnered with the only dedicated Hemp seed processing facility that uses 100% UK grown hemp to produce Hemp seed oil, Hemp flour, Hemp protein and all whilst offsetting a huge amount of UK Carbon! 

Manufacturing Sustainable CBD

Now, whilst hemp itself is most definitely both environmentally-friendly and sustainable, there is a current hurdle in the CBD industry that means a lot of CBD isn’t as “green” as it could be. Unfortunately CBD, and the growing of hemp, is still restricted or illegal in many places across the globe… Including right here in the UK without a licence. This drives the costs of production and processing through the roof.

Sustainable Hemp CBD UK
Sustainable Hemp CBD UK

This means that a large proportion of CBD has an unnecessarily high carbon footprint, but through no fault of its own! Luckily, as we’re sure you’re aware, CBD products are relatively low-weight and compact products, yet until countries lift certain CBD and hemp restrictions, it’s a problem many CBD businesses are trying to work around as best they can.

However, it should be said that the specific manufacturing processes of CBD are far more eco-friendly than the majority of industry-standard extraction processes. Instead of solvents which are actively harmful to the environment, CBD utilises, what is in comparison, a minuscule amount of CO2. to produce the CBD that we all know and love in a much more eco-friendly manner.

Eco-friendly and Ethical CBD Businesses

Even though CBD is generally considered an environmentally-friendly industry, we at The Hemp Garden believe it’s our duty to be proactive, seeking to improve the sustainability and lessen the environmental impact of our CBD, one drop of CBD oil at a time. With all of our lab reports freely available, we’ve always prioritised sustainable and vegan/ethically sourced ingredients for our products right from the day that we opened our doors and website.

Championing ethically sourced and sustainable CBD, all of our products are local with our products being designed and manufactured right here in the UK. We’re a proud family-owned business and going forward, as we have always done, we’ll continue to stay committed to working together, with farmers and industry leaders alike, to help keep The Hemp Garden on the right side of Mother Nature. So, at the end of the day, you know that you can enjoy your CBD with total peace of mind!

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