CBD Skincare UK – 2 Easy Tips for a Happy, Healthier Summer

CBD Skincare and tips for summer


You might call us a little too keen to be writing a blog about Summer this early, but if it’s alright for Christmas adverts to air in Autumn, it’s socially acceptable for us to be excited about Summer in April. True?!

With the year that we’ve all had in the U.K we need it, don’t judge us… Rant over, here are our 2 biggest tips for a happy, healthy Summer taking care of your body and skin using CBD skincare products.

CBD Skincare UK & Healthy Skin

Excess sun can, as we’re sure you know, lead to dry, damaged and burnt skin. What’s more, long-term exposure can lead to sun-related and premature ageing of skin. If that sentence isn’t the stuff of nightmares, we don’t know what is. 

Now, obviously we should all be using a quality high-SPF sun cream, but sometimes you’re still left with dry or damaged skin from a day of sitting on the beach. Especially those among us with a slightly pale complexion. That’s where using a high quality moisturiser or balm like our CBD Infused Moisturiser or CBD Balm comes in handy.  Including CBD Skincare UK in your daily skincare routine can also have wonderful benefits.

CBD Skincare and tips for summer

Helping to repair and hydrate sun-damaged skin, they’re our go-to fixes for when we’ve spent a few too many hours catching up on some much needed sunshine. However, we should say as with most moisturising products, they do contain some natural oils and so we would recommend using them after you’ve finished soaking in the sun for the day. Unless a lovely shade of pink is what you’re going for of course. For more info on our CBD products UK, all handmade in West Wales, check out our web-shop.

Hydration & Immune System

Something else that might seem intuitive at first. Whilst many of us may have vague notions of knowing that we should drink around 2-3 litres of water a day, how many of us actively adjust our daily water intake to account for the Summer weather? Our body’s sweat way more during Summer and the hotter weather dehydrates us much faster than at other times of the year, and so it’s only right that we compensate for this. 

Hydration is the biggest factor in combating this and we’re sorry, an extra margarita or pear cider by the beach won’t cut it. The trick is, to make drinking more enjoyable, because no matter how many times you hear the importance of hydration, if it’s a struggle or an unenjoyable process, you won’t stick to it long term.

For us, that means supercharging our water or favourite drink with our Water Soluble CBD, or making a refreshing batch of iced tea using our Hemp Tea Bags. That addition of a few drops of CBD, or a CBD infused drink itself, goes a long way to make drinking an enjoyable experience. Meaning that you’ll actually find yourself drinking enough each day, oftentimes without even noticing it. 

Hemp Tea

Normally we like to think of our immune system as something to be taken seriously in the Winter. Yet the events of 2020/21, along with the fact that we lose a whole lot of vital nutrients and minerals when we sweat, means that our immune system should be prioritised during the Summer as well.

Our Immune Support Capsules contain a plethora of essential (meaning that they can’t be produced by the body itself) vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system fighting fit, all through the year. And with enough capsules to last 2 months in each bottle, they’re great value for money as well!

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The Hemp Garden are a 100% independent small business founded in January 2018 by two friends Rob & Tony with the help from Rob’s wife Emma. They were one of the first brands in the UK to offer a full range of CBD products all handcrafted in West Wales. Since then, they have launched the first Welsh high street shop dedicated to Hemp & CBD products.

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